Apartments near Penn State Harrisburg

Library books on shelf at Penn State Harrisburg near Woodland Hills apartments

Looking for apartments near Penn State Harrisburg? When you make the decision to advance your education, or if you are one of the great minds helping those along their path to higher knowledge, it’s important to make sure your living situation accommodates all of your needs, especially making sure you’re within close proximity of your school. The beautiful homes offered at Woodland Hills are ideal for students and faculty alike, in part because they’re just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Penn State Harrisburg campus.

With an assortment of one- and two-bedroom apartments available, the luxe-meets-the-middle apartments are chic, affordable, and convenient. Whether you’re flying solo or need space for the family, our apartments have you covered.

At less than 2 miles distance from the campus, you’ll be able to make the trek to school in less than five minutes, meaning you’ll spend a whole lot less time sitting in traffic. This gives you back a stockpile of precious minutes each day that you can devote to your studies, students, or family.

For students, while Penn State Harrisburg may be a satellite version of its sprawling big sister in State College, it certainly doesn’t suffer from a lack of opportunities. You’ll find nearly three dozen undergraduate programs, plus more than two dozen for graduates, with areas of study ranging from accounting to business administration to even homeland security. Opportunities abound all from the relative peace and quiet you get when not living amid the distraction of the hustle and bustle of a sprawling campus. (Another check in the benefits column for those who are really serious about their studies.)

And even though you may not be living on campus, you can still take advantage of all the same fantastic activities residents can, like joining one of nearly 100 student-run organizations, which include everything from various academics enthusiast groups to social and philanthropic committees. Plus, if you’re a sports fan, there are a slew of intramural opportunities available, including teams for basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and even bowling, among others.

As a student, having the freedom that is awarded you with an off-campus apartment is unbeatable, especially when you don’t have to sacrifice proximity to the school. And as a faculty member, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more accommodating commute to campus than you will from Woodland Hills. Our apartments near Penn State Harrisburg are the perfect fit for your lifestyle. To learn more about our rental community or to schedule a tour, contact us today!