Pet-Friendly Apartments near Hershey, PA

Woodland Hills Pet Friendly Apartments

Woodland Hills’ rental community is centered on two concepts: luxury and comfort, both of which extend to all residents, including four-legged companions. At our pet-friendly apartments near Hershey, PA, pets will be treated just like part of the family, with plenty of amenities to keep them engaged and entertained—offering pet parents the reassurance that their entire family will be welcomed and feel at home at Woodland Hills.

Woodland Hills is a perfect home for both cats and dogs, as residents are allowed to have up to two pets per apartment. Among the many pet-friendly amenities at Woodland Hills, residents have access to their own private off-leash dog park. Finding time to pack the pooch into the car and head to a neighborhood park after work or on your busy weekends can be challenging, as can their high energy levels if they’re cooped up inside. With Woodland Hills’ pet-friendly apartments near Hershey, PA, residents can avoid that hassle and provide their pet ample opportunity to stretch their legs just steps from their front door. And as the dogs run off their energy and socialize with other pups, residents can also mix and mingle with their neighbors.

The rental community also is home to a walking trail, which both residents and their furry friends will enjoy. Pet owners can take a leisurely stroll with their pups to enjoy nice weather or get a good workout in with a run while their dogs take in the sights, sounds and, of course, smells of the trail.

The pet-friendly appeal also overlaps with many of the amenities designed for Woodland Hills residents. The rental community features a full appliance package, including a washer, dryer, dishwasher, and garbage disposal, which pet parents will appreciate, as the on-site conveniences will free them up to spend more time with their pets. Many pets come with lots of their own belongings, from toys to clothes and everything in between, and Woodland Hills’ spacious closets and ample storage areas are a great fit for residents with pets. The spacious layout of the apartments themselves will also add value for pet parents, who can rest assured that, when they’re at work or out and about, their pets have plenty of room to roam and explore.

At Woodland Hills’ pet-friendly apartments near Hershey, PA, residents with pets can have peace of mind that all members of their family can take advantage of the community’s commitment to luxury and comfort.